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Controlling Your Car Insurance Rates: Avoid Making Small Claims

If you are like many people today you work very hard to make certain that you maintain the best possible rates for your car insurance. In this regard, you likely constantly are on the lookout for ways in which you can save money on the costs associated with your car insurance.

One step that you will want to make certain that you take in order to control the costs associated with your car insurance premiums is avoiding making small or smaller claims against your car insurance policies.

What is Meant by a Small Claim?

There really is some debate over what is considered a small claim when it comes to the after math of a car accident and when it comes to making a claim with a car insurance company. When all is said and done, however, the decision as to whether a claim is “small” rests of an individual’s own financial situation, his or her economic position in life.

One formula that you might want to consider is one in which compares and contrasts the total amount of a claim with the amount of premium you pay in a year’s time. For example, let’s imagine for a moment that you pay your car insurance company a total of $700 in premiums each and every year and you have a claim arising out of an accident in the amount of $200. Pay for the damage repair yourself in such an instance.

Even a $200 claim may result in an accident related increase in your automobile insurance that may far outstrip the money you pay out for the damage on your own in very little time. Of course, and as has been mentioned, you need to weigh and balance your own financial situation before making a final decision as to whether or not you should pay for post accident repairs to your car yourself or whether you should submit a claim to your car insurance company.

Why Should I Avoid Making a Small Claim?

You do need to keep in mind that any time you make a claim with your car insurance company you face the very real prospect that you car insurance premiums will increase. In very short speed, the costs associated with an increase in the premiums charged by your car insurance company can outpace the money you would have otherwise spent to make car repairs on your own had you not submitted a claim with your car insurance company.

In many instances, by not filing a smaller claim with your car insurance company, you will be able to save yourself money over the long run (and maybe even in the short term). In the end, the one of the main purposes behind obtaining car insurance in the first instance is to protect and conserve your assets and your money.


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