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Insurance Tips When You Rent a Car

“You need this.” This is a phrase that you oftentimes here throughout the course of your life. In fact, if you or on a vacation or holiday trip, and you are renting a car, you likely have heard the phrase “You need this” spoken loudly and clearly.

In many instances, when you go to rent a car, the rental agency representative will tell you that you need to take out special car renters insurance from the car rental agency. You may be wondering whether or not you do need this additional or supplemental car rental insurance.

Through this article, you will be provided with some tips and considerations in regard what you should do when you rent a car, considerations you should make in regard to insurance when you rent a car. Of course, if you desire more information about this type of insurance, you will want to consult with your auto insurance professional. In addition, the consumer assistance division of your state’s insurance commissioner’s office will also be able to answer some of your basic questions about insurance available when you rent a car.

What Exactly is the Insurance that is Offered When I Rent a Car?

In general terms, the insurance that is offered when you rent a car essentially provides duplicate coverage to what you already have if you have automobile insurance. Such insurance protects you in the event that you have an accident while driving rental car.

As has been noted, however, as a general rule, your regular automobile insurance policy covers you when you are operating a rental automobile. However, if you do obtain the rental insurance coverage, if there is an accident, the claim will be made against the rental insurance policy rather than your own standard automobile insurance policy.

Is that Insurance Really Necessary?

In a word, “no.” In most instances, it simply is not necessary for you to obtain the insurance that is offered to you at the time you rent a car. The only benefit that really can be derived from this type of insurance is that if there is an accident -- which hopefully will not happen -- you will be able to file a claim against this insurance policy, rather than your own.

However, if for some reason the coverage included in the rental insurance policy is not enough to satisfy claims associated with a car accident, your own, personal automobile insurance policy will come into play in any event.


In summary, you really likely do not need to pay for the additional insurance that will be offered to you at the time you rent a car. By weighing and balancing the information that has been set forth in this article, you will be able to determine whether or not car rental insurance offered at the time you rent a vehicle is right for you … whether it really be of any assistance to you.

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