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Auto insurance is importent not just for covering the costs of a car damaged in an accident.Auto insurance will also provide protection or coverage to the people that are involved in the accident your loved onces.
Auto Insurance Basics
Car insurance is important for car owners not just for obvious reasons such as covering the costs of a car that has been damaged in an accident. Car insurance will also provide protection or coverage to the people that are involved in the accident, your loved ones.

  - Why you need car insurance
- How auto insurance works
- Credit score and insurance
- Auto insurance for a leased car
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Auto Insurance Coverange

Many auto insurance companies allow the insured to choose a number of these covers in their policy. In most states, you will be required to maintain some of these different types of coverages in at least minimum amounts as is set forth in the laws of those states.


- Types of auto insurance coverage
- Which coverage is necessary?
- Coverage selection tips
- Liability and its limits
- Bodily injury liability
- Property damage liability
- Medical benefits
- Collision
- Comprehensive
- Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
- Deductibles
Auto Insurance Pricing

If you are a typical consumer, you may be wondering what is involved in determining the cost you pay for car insurance premiums.

- Insurance pricing and underwriting policy
- Demography
- Driving record
- Neighborhood
- How much asset do you have to protect?
- How you use your car
- Make, model and age of your car
- Single versus multiple car policies


Choosing You Insurance Plan

If you are in the process of obtaining a car insurance plan for a reliable and reputable car insurance company, you may be wondering what type of insurance coverage you need and how much car insurance you should obtain.

- What coverage do you need?
- How to read your policy
- Common mistakes in choosing coverage
- Finding the Right Auto Insurance Provider
- Online auto insurance shopping
- Comparison shopping for auto insurance
- Major auto insurance companies
- How to lower your premium




Auto Insurance Tips

- JD Power auto insurance ratings
- Insurance for old cars
- Car insurance discounts
- Insuring a teenage driver
- Safe driver insurance program
- Get insurance for the first time
- When you have trouble geting insurance


JD Power Customer Satisfaction Ratings

According to the 2006 National Auto Insurance Study by J.D. Power and Associates, U.S. auto insurance customers are most satisfied with one of the nation’s oldest car insurance companies and least happy with the world’s largest insurance firm. Read more

Auto Insurance Now Considers More Factors Determining Premiums

According to a Kiplinger's personal finanace report, auto insurers are now taking a much closer look at the driving records and credit histories of its policyholders. In the past, most insurers based their premiums on only a handful of variables--type of car, place of residence, age, marital status and driving record. Now they focus on 30 or more factors.

Insurers have been taking your credit history into consideration for some time because they've found a strong correlation between credit history and insurance claims. Now they study credit reports in even more detail, noting, for example, if you've made payments 30 or 60 days late.

Insurance companies are also looking more closely at the type of car you drive. In addition to studying damage and theft claims for that model, they're examining passenger injury claims and the amount of damage done to other vehicles and their occupants.

Because they now have the computing power to pinpoint risk and match it to specific prices, insurers use a lot more pricing pricing tiers. As a result, drivers with the best records saw their rates drop as much as 25%. With more sophiscated pricing models, mainstream auto insurance companies are offering to cover riskier drivers, often at lower rates than those of high-risk insurers.


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