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Understanding Property Damage Liability

Shopping around for car insurance can be a time consuming and challenging task. Trying to master the basic terms associated with a car insurance policy can be a trying experience as well. This article has been prepared to provide you with some basic information about car insurance, specifically about property damage liability coverage in your car insurance policy. While you may have heard the term property damage liability, you may not know exactly what is involved in property damage liability. Through this brief article, you will be brought to a better and clearer understanding of what is involved with property damage liability.

Property damage liability is often sold along side of bodily injury liability, and the amount of coverage that you have is limited to the amount that is obtained in the insurance policy.

Since property damage liability includes the costs of damages incurred as well as loss of income, or revenue as a direct result of damage to the property. Not having property damage liability could end up costing you more than the few dollars that it costs to keep yourself insured.

Property damage liability covers damage that is caused by you, to any type of property not just other vehicles. The only thing a property damage liability policy wont cover is damage to your own car.

Property damage can be claimed for many things, for instance if you were the cause of a car veering off of the road to avoid hitting you, and this caused damage to the vehicle, another car or any other property, even though you weren’t involved in the accident as far as a collision goes, you would still be liable for damages.

Property liability insurance also covers times when you hit someone’s property like buildings, and as a result cause them loss of income or revenue, in these cases your property damage liability insurance covers the costs for the repair of the property as well as the cost of revenue or income lost during the time the property is damaged.

It is advisable to have property liability insurance coverage to ensure that you are not held personally responsible for damages done to other people’s property as a result of an accident. By not having enough property damage liability insurance coverage, you will be responsible for payment of any extra money that is owed to the victims. Therefore, it is very important that you give serious thought to the type and extent of car insurance coverage that you elect to purchase.

Any additional questions regarding insurance that will cover property damage arising out of a car accident can be obtained from a qualified insurance professional. In addition, the insurance commissioner's office will be able to provide you a good deal of information about all types of insurance related issues, including issues relating to car insurance and car insurance companies doing business in your state.


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