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Understanding Bodily Injury Liability

If you are in the market for car insurance, you may have ended up at a point at which you have more questions than answers. If this is the case, this article has been designed to provide you with some assitance. Specifically, this article has been written to assist you in better understanding bodily injury liability and these types of provisions in your car insurance policy.

Bodily injury liability insurance covers the financial side of the costs involved from the other driver and passengerís medical costs if you are involved in an accident. In most instances, in the United States, this is mandated or required coverage. In other words, you simply cannot operate a motor vehicle legally unless and until you have this type of coverage in place and in force.

By not having bodily injury liability insurance in most states you will be breaking the law. Even worse, if you are responsible for injury to another person due to a car accident you may find yourself in more trouble than just breaking the law. You could find yourself involved in an ugly lawsuit at which all of your property and assets might be at risk. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the importance of making certain that you have proper liability insurance associated with your own car insurance policy.

Every state has a bodily injury liability minimum. It is Law for drivers to have the minimum amount of liability insurance mandated by each respective state, in order to drive a vehicle. Alternatively insurance companies do offer more coverage in their policies for those who would like more protection.

If you have any questions about what the law does require in your own state, you should contact your insurance professional. Additionally, you can contact the office of the insurance commissioner who can provide you with specific information about what is required in your own state in the way of liability insurance coverage. Your insurance commissioner will have written materials that clearly set out the legal requirements in your state when it comes to the matter of liability coverage in your policy of car insurance.

Bodily injury liability will cover the other driver, and passengerís medical costs in most cases anywhere in the United States, and will also cover those who are borrowing the vehicle provided that they have the ownerís permission.

For those looking to lower the cost of their insurance policies, it is not recommended to skimp on bodily injury liability insurance. It is a good idea to purchase more than the mandatory amount of this type of insurance when taking out an auto policy.

If the other driver and or passengers are injured and their costs total more than your insured amount it is possible that you will be sued, in this process it is likely the person responsible for the injury liability will lose assets such as cars, savings, and houses.

Bodily injury liability insurance is an important coverage choice, since medical costs can be very expensive, especially when pain and suffering is taken into account. For those who own their own homes or have assets it is a good idea to protect them with proper bodily injury liability insurance.


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