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Non Standard Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Unfortunately, the world can be a complicated place. Even though if you are a good, decent person, you may have had some less than wonderful experiences when it has come to driving.

In this regard, you may have racked up some traffic violations, perhaps you have been involved in an accident or two. As a result, you may now find it hard to find car insurance in the standard marketplace. You may now know where to turn when it comes to finding car insurance for yourself now that you have been categorized as being a high risk driver.

What is Non Standard Insurance

Non standard car insurance is for people who have accumulated a number of traffic violations or have been involved in a car accident or accidents. These people have found themselves unable to obtain insurance on the open or standard car insurance market.

Because each of the fifty states have enacted legislation in recent times mandating people who operate motor vehicles to have car insurance, the non standard insurance market came into existence over time. This market came into being for high risk drivers as a means of ensuring that all drivers have access to at least the minimum amount of car insurance that is required by law.

Absent a non standard insurance market, some high risk drivers simply would not be able to obtain car insurance. Standard auto insurance companies simply would not extend insurance coverage to these people because they represent to great insurable risk.

How Does the Non Standard Insurance Market Work

There really are two manners in which the non standard insurance market operates in this day and age. The more traditional non standard market involves high risk funds or pools that are established by state insurance commissioners in conjunction with car insurance companies doing business in a particular state. Through this high risk -- or assigned risk -- funds or pools, drivers who are not able to obtain car insurance on the open or standard market are able to obtain the minimum amount of car insurance so that they legally can operate a motor vehicle on the roads of the state.

The second type of non standard insurance market that has evolved over time includes individual insurance companies that actually specialize (at least in part) in insuring high risk drivers. Because the demand for coverage of high risk drivers has increased rather dramatically in recent years, the non standard marketplace has expanded significantly in response.

A high risk driver makes application to a non standard insurance carrier or to a carrier that offers non standard insurance products in much the same manner that he or she would make application for more traditional car insurance products. In some instances, it is necessary for a consumer to demonstrate that he or she was unable to obtain coverage in the traditional market before a non standard car insurance policy can issue.


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